For a new registration of AGEN KCC, a fee of RM40 will be charged for registration. Any promotional price will only be set by ADMIN KCC only. COMPANY MEMBERS make at least 3 purchases each month. KCC reserves the right to ask for price either making a decrease or price increase without the approval of any agent. The commission price to the agent is different. ADMIN KCC will set commission prices to agents by: – Quantities sold by the agent. – The duration of the KIDZ COLLECTION CORNER joint agent as a valid agent.


The selling price for KCC products has been set. Agent REALLY sold our product at a low price. If this happens, we will not tolerate and all matters will be terminated without any appeal. All Agencies MUST sell KCC products at a fixed price. Selling price of SWEET CHERRY, MY DEAR, OTOMO & etc depends on agent. We only list MARKET PRICE for REFERENCES ONLY. But the price can’t be more than recommend price that we have list it. Agency commission is different. Each agent’s commission is divided into 2 for KCC products. Any active agent, we will duplicate the commissions earned. After the new agent sells 40 items of KCC products, our party will provide higher commission prices. ADMIN KCC will notify you if the AGEN is sufficient.


Agents can use the collection images within the KIDZ COLLECTION CORNER Facebook page for promotional purposes. Promotions can be made using any number of online mediums calculated as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Mudah.my


If there is BOOKING from the customer, let us know and we will keep this item for 24 hours for payment. After 24 hours, if no payment is made, BOOKING of the item will be canceled. Managing orders for stock confirmation funds can be done in the following ways. – Check stocks on our website – Booking via WhatsApp: 017-9286335 (Azie)